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Delivering products with a reduced footprint

Our stakeholders are interested in the environmental footprint of our products and services. We have focused on improving our internal environmental footprint for a number of years, improving our performance in the areas of waste, water and emissions.

Minimising waste

Our aim is to minimise all of our waste streams at all our sites around the world, especially at our manufacturing locations, achieving best practices in waste management.

Our performance:

  • 79% waste to recycling, including waste to energy
  • 15% reduction in landfill waste

Reducing water use

We strive to optimise water use during upstream manufacture and distribution of raw materials and components. We also aim to ensure that our new and modified products minimise our customers’ water consumption when they use out products.

Our performance:

  • 21% reduction in annual water use

Reducing emissions

Our approach to cutting emissions is two-fold: tackling energy efficiency and sourcing lower-carbon energy. To achieve this, we invest in technological solutions, like low energy LED lighting systems and solar power.

Our performance:

  • 16% reduction in CO2e since 2016

Sustainability report 2018


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